November, 2004


Welcome to Sabledrake Magazine, the online magazine for gamers and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts.  Sabledrake Magazine comes out quarterly, on the first Monday of each of the months listed below.  Each issue has a theme.


Christine & Tim Morgan would like to thank all of our writers, artists and readers for their support over the last four years.  We regret that we are taking a break from Sabledrake Magazine to concentrate on some other writing projects.  

Christine will continue writing novels and short stories.  Her latest works can be found at

Tim is engrossed in writing the Simulacrum Roleplaying Game and the first setting for it, Ellis: Kingdom in Turmoil.  More information and playtest information can be found at

We don't know when we'll be able to devote the time that Sabledrake Magazine deserves, but we both hope it's soon.  Thanks again to everyone.


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